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Alessandro Magnasco
Alessandro Magnasco, Italian painter of the late Baroque period distinguished for his landscapes and genre paintings. Magnasco...
The Synagogue, oil on canvas by Alessandro Magnasco, 1725–30; in the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Women’s Headwear Through the Ages
Hats as a fashion accessory for women have a long and fascinating history. Before you start this crossword, you might want...
Crossword Puzzle
Image for Games. Cross Word Visual Arts
U.S. States and Their Capitals
Think you know state capitals in the United States? Test your memory with this crossword puzzle!
Crossword Puzzle
Image for Games. Cross Word Geography & Travel
Gustav Kirchhoff
Gustav Kirchhoff, German physicist who, with the chemist Robert Bunsen, firmly established the theory of spectrum analysis...
Kirchhoff, Gustav
Birds Around the World
We'll warn you up front: you need to know your birds of the world really, really well to finish this crossword without any...
Crossword Puzzle
Image for Games. Cross Word Science
?Abbās Ma?mūd al-?Aqqād
?Abbās Ma?mūd al-?Aqqād, Egyptian journalist, poet, and literary critic who was an innovator of 20th-century Arabic poetry...
ōhira Masayoshi
ōhira Masayoshi, prime minister of Japan from 1978 to 1980. ōhira was a converted Christian who rose from rural poverty and...
Ohira Masayoshi
Native American History Quiz
Who was the Shawnee chief, orator, military leader, and advocate of intertribal Indian alliance who directed resistance...
Tecumseh. Battle of the Thames, Ontario, Canada, and the death of Tecumseh. Col. Richard M. Johnson with the Kentucky volunteers on left battle with Tecumseh and his Native troops. Native American Shawnee chief. North American indian. (See Notes)
Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney, American politician who served as governor of Massachusetts (2003–07) and who later represented Utah in the...
Mitt Romney
Archaeology: Great Discoveries Quiz
What is the name of the largest religious structure in the world? Who is considered the father of Egyptian archaeology? Test...
Ancient Egyptian carving of Pharaoh Seti I holding his flail before the god of the underworld Osiris with Horus behind him. Abydos Temple, Egypt. Ancient carving, on public display for 2,000 years
Alfred Hugenberg
Alfred Hugenberg, German industrialist and political leader. As the head of a huge newspaper and film empire and a prominent...
Homelessness, the state of having no home or permanent place of residence. Few social problems are as visible as the plight...
Myanmar: homeless woman and child
From the Horse's Mouth
Giddyup! Jump into this puzzle to test your knowledge of everything equine.
Crossword Puzzle
Image for Games. Cross Word Science
John K. Herr
John K. Herr, U.S. Army officer who was the last branch chief of cavalry (1938–42). He was a controversial figure for his...
Oscar-Winning Actresses
How well do you know the winners of the Academy Award for best actress? Find out in this crossword puzzle. We give the role...
Crossword Puzzle
Image for Games. Cross Word Entertainment & Pop Culture
The Greatest Athletes
In this crossword puzzle, we’re highlighting GOATs, and we don’t mean the animal. Using information as of early 2021, we’ve...
Crossword Puzzle
Image for Games. Cross Word Sports & Recreation
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